Get 10x growth with AI-generated replies is the easiest way to connect with the community, look clever, funny, professional on social media, appear smarter and grow your audience with 10x less effort. Working for Twitter, LinkedIn & Product Hunt.
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Easy-to-use AI replies generator is both vastly functional and extremely simple. For Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Getting bigger on Twitter, LinkedIn or PH is not a piece of cake

We know how difficult it can be to develop an account and stay in touch with the community

Fear of a blank page

Sometimes it can be difficult just to start writing anything

Growing is difficult

It's frustrating to grow on social media. You've probably tried a number of different methods with little to no success

Great replies take a lot of effort

The best solution to get more Twitter followers is to post great content and engage with both: other users' content and people in your threads

Twitter pros are fond of

Twitter pros are fond of

Unlock your productivity and keep in touch with community

Be clever, be funny, be followed, be loved with 10x less effort with
  • Grow your audience with

    Help yourself grow faster and interact with others in the global community
  • new

    Custom Reactions

    Choose the type of reaction to express your opinion: positive, disagree, joke, support, idea, question
  • Connection with community

    Be in contact with the most famous accounts, contributing to the discussion
  • Icebreaker for tweets

    It's always easier to fix something than to write from scratch. Edit AI prompts to get your own tone of voice
  • new

    Creating viral jokes

    Create memes and get likes for quick and impressive jokes
  • Increase Interaction

    To be in the community and to grow, you need to interact with it, to engage and interest through yourself
  • Clean Design

    Our tool is just an assistant for you to write outstanding replays. The design is at your fingertips
  • Free Updates

    We improve and come up with new reactions that will be immediately available to you

Created by Makers for Makers

  • 10x faster
    Usually you have to think a lot to write a meaningful tweet, but with our AI you can do it in a few seconds!
  • 5x cooler
    Despite the soullessness of the AI engine, it makes very cool jokes and expresses support for other people!
  • 500% more effective
    If you used to write 1-2 tweets at a time, now you can do many times more with the AI generator


Use it for free! Upgrade anytime for $7/mo.
We would like every tweet to add new value. And we work to make it easier to create meaningful content. Use with respect. Don't spam. Edit to follow your writing style & voice

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  • Rwbh5otb 400x400
    Alex Pisarevski
    Founder @epicweb3
    I'd love to try! Now I can finally stop typing out my tweets one letter at a time. Thanks @replai_so, you're a lifesaver! #GPT3Genius
  • Rbel0jfl 400x400
    Enrique PΓ©rez
    Editor en @xataka
    Looks like a great tool for anyone looking to streamline their social media communications. It was a great experience!
  • Okxpxx w 400x400
    Batuhan Barutcu
    Twitter lover
    Nice project. Very good for people who have no idea :)
  • Bj3d7pbo 400x400
    Tahir Yamin
    Project and Lean management
    Amazing! It is quite easier to reply and modify accordingly